When should you visit the dentist?

What is a dental emergency, and when should you visit the dentist?


When someone encounters severe oral health problems and feels pain in the tooth or gums, it is essential to consult the dentist. Moreover, it is essential to avoid any self-medication as the infection may aggravate, and you have to bear severe consequences. Thus first, know the root cause of the problem, visit the doctor and start treatment accordingly.


Because of poor lifestyle, intake of chocolates, fast food items, and sleeping without brushing is causing severe dental health problems. Now the question is when you should go to the dentist? What is a dental emergency? When should you not avoid seeking dentist help?


Different emergencies

There are multiple situations when you say to yourself that it is time to go to the dentist. Never delay, as the annoying pain will never allow you to have rest. Thus it is essential when you find yourself uncomfortable and suffer from the following conditions, and then it means you are in a dental emergency, and you need to consult a doctor.


  • Severe pain in the tooth, and it is not firm in a position
  • Unbearable pain in gums and oral cavity
  • Feeling cold or itching in your tooth
  • Pain in cavity
  • Enamel is broken
  • Mouth is bleeding
  • Any infection or swelling around the gums or tooth.


These are few situations when you need a doctor’s help. Do not wait, and do not try home remedies. Because all these situations need proper attention, visit your dentist; he will thoroughly examine your tooth and then prescribe the treatment accordingly. You have to go to the doctor immediately because sometimes infection can be severe and it may be due to some problem in other body parts. For example, deficiency of vitamin c leads to gum bleeding and pain. Thus, the doctor will prescribe a test and find the root cause of bleeding in the gums.


Emergency situations

There is a specific dental emergency that you should not ignore. A few are discussed below.


Fractured Tooth Causing Pain

Fractured tooth pain is quite unbearable. It may traumatize your cavity. Moreover, you may feel swelling, bleeding around gums, itching,  and the broken tooth may give you a stinging feel. You may feel the tooth is cutting your tongue. Considered it best if you had an immediate consultation with a doctor. He will grind the tooth and prescribe you have new enamel to cover the broken tooth.


Knocked-Out Teeth

It is the situation when your teeth are somewhat cracked while the other portion is intact. You may not feel pain in such a situation, but the corner of the broken tooth may cut the tongue, and you feel stinging on your tongue. Thus, visit the doctor to come out of this situation. The doctor follows the following procedures to help you giving relief.


  • The doctor examines the tooth and carefully picks the broken crown.
  • Take the size of your teeth.
  • Prepare the new crown and insert it back into your tooth.


Dental Access

Dental access immediately need treatment; this happens when pus starts embedding in the tooth cavity. The severe conditions sometimes become life-threatening if not attended to. Moreover, tooth sensitivity to hot and cold things also occurs. Suppose an untreated person may suffer from tender lymph nodes, high fever, and bleeding. Moreover, pus may spread around the jaws if you don’t know start treatment immediately.


Peri-radicular pain

Such kind of pain occurs in the pulp of the tooth. It starts emerging when pulp starts and then enters into the radical tissues. The acute inflammatory condition n which the periodontal area around the tooth starts swelling fir to inflamed pulp and embedding of the bacteria.

There exist both acute and chronic type infections. The pain is mild to moderate in the former one, while in the chronic type, the pain is moderate to severe. In chronic peri radicular pain, you need immediate medical attention. The condition may aggravate even from minor touching of fingers. It is too horrible a pain that a person may start shouting or crying. If you want to stay safe from such pain, then go to the doctor and get medication. Do not delay as infection may spread to the whole oral cavity, which may be more painful and unbearable.

Final Thoughts

If you suffer from any dental emergencies, thus it is essential to avoid delaying the treatment. Dental pain, primarily due to infection, may spread around the whole jaw, and you may not engulf and chew comfortably. Thus, if you want to stay away from such a situation, consult a doctor. Moreover, to avoid a dental emergency, always take care of your teeth. Rinse your mouth after taking meals and brush two times daily. Use the high-quality dentist recommend paste to keep your oral cavity clean and free of germs.


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